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Artists and craftspeople of all sorts make Grand Marais their home. Their sense of originality explains the quirky passion for a slice of color, subtle details, and the wisp of humor that you will discover indoors and out. Take in a play or concert, or enjoy some live music in a local pub. Visit our galleries and specialty shops. Discover the shops' visual gifts in and of themselves. Restaurants and cafés, always inviting and relaxed, pleasing all palates with menus reflecting North Shore specialties. visit the Betsy Bowen Studio.

The Grand Marais Art Colony began in 1947 as a summer refuge for artists seeking study in the wilderness. Birney Quick, one of the region's acclaimed artists and a faculty member from the Minneapolis School of Art came to this remote town of Grand Marais, located along Lake Superior, 40 miles from the Canadian border, to create the Outdoor School of Painting

22nd Annual Grand Marais Arts Festival Over 70 local and regional artists set up by the glistening shores of Lake Superior for two days during the peak of summer to showcase their unique handcrafted work and provide insight into their artistic process through demonstration and dialogue.

Arrowhead Center for the Arts celebrates and promotes the arts, artists, and the uniquely creative culture of Minnesota's North Shore and Arrowhead regions. The Arrowhead Center for the Arts is  managed by the school district. The Center serves the community and visitors with theatre, music, and an eclectic array of year-round cultural events.

Sivertson Gallery is a destination for art on the North Shore of Lake Superior, exhibiting the work of over 60 regional artists in addition to Canadian Inuit and Alaskan native art, Canadian First Nation and Native American art. Exhibiting artwork that reflects the character of Lake Superior remains the gallery's dominant focus.

The Johnson Heritage Post Art Gallery features local, regional, and national artists in revolving exhibits, as well as featuring a permanent collection of original art by Anna Johnson, an early 1900s artist.