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Grand Marais Hotel Company Offers Free Bikes!!

Aspen Lodge has bikes perfect for riding around town. Stop by the front desk and ask about availability. If you're looking for additional bikes, off-road bikes or tandem bikes, Superior North Outdoor Center, across the street from The Shoreline Inn and next door to Cobblestone Cove Villas, rents bikes, racks, car carriers and trailers.

Clip on your helmet, hop on your bike and ride west through downtown along the bike lanes to the edge of the paved Gitchi Gami Bike Trail [GGTA.org] and continue up the hill and out to the edge of town. Stops along the way include the Donut Shop, a side ride through the Grand Marais Rec Area, the Mini-Golf course, and the US Forest Service where you can stop in and learn about the Superior National Forest, get a drink of water and use the bathroom. Round trip is 3.75 miles without the side trip. Another option is to ride up to the stoplights – there's only one set – on Highway 61 and explore the residential side of town.

If you're looking for some off-road biking, we recommend riding the network of trails at Pincushion Mountain, just 4 miles up the hill from Aspen Lodge. PincushionTrails.org

Biking in Cook County is something you'll never forget. No cars, no crowded bike lanes. Just mile after mile of scenic paved trails perfect for the family, single-tracks for technical Sawtooth Mountain biking, and backcountry gravel for going the distance.  It's a true two-wheel paradise.