Betsy Bowen Studio

is a small family-based printmaking operation in a scenic little coastal town in northern Minnesota.We make woodblock prints by hand, pictures of recognizable scenes mostly from the northwoods. Many of these were originally illustrations from children's books.

Currently the building includes several studios and a seasonal performance space. Betsy Bowen Studio is located on the ground floor. The church was built in 1903 to house the Norwegian Lutheran congregation, holding services in Norwegian until 1929 when they shared an English-speaking pastor with the Swedes. In 1960 the growing Bethlehem Lutheran congregation moved further uphill to a new building, selling to the also growing Cook County Schools for classroom space. Some of our customers still remember being reprimanded and sent to stand in the cloakroom in the basement.

In 1972 the building changed hands again, purchased by Grand Marais Playhouse, a community theatre group. Many dramatic and magical moments occurred every summer until 1998 when a year-round performance space in the Arrowhead Center for the Arts became the new home of GMP. Costumes and props were stored in the old church until spring of 2002 when the building was purchased and renovated by Betsy Bowen. Apparently the Ghost is still here, keeping watch.